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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Do Carpenter Bees sting?
A. The male carpenter bees do not have stingers.  You can tell the males from the females by the yellow dot on their forehead.
Q.  When should I install the Carpenter Bee Chamber?
A.  As soon as possible to control your Carpenter Bee problem.
Q.  Why can't I just use a fly swatter to kill these pesky bees?
A.  If you that good of an aim while standing on a 20 foot ladder.  "Bee" our guest!
Q.  Where should I install my Carpenter Bee Chambers on my home?
A.  "Hot Spot" areas are where you see high bee activity.  Look for existing holes.
Q.  Will I see results with the Carpenter Bee Chamber?
A.  Yes.  Unlike other products and methods on the market, when you remove the Carpenter Bee Chamber you will immediately see the results
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